With an Investment of Around EUR 270 Million, Two Wind Farms, Totaling 192-MW, Are to Be Built in the Odesa Region


source: https://oda.odessa.gov.ua/en/news/v-odeskij-oblasti-pobuduut-vitroelektrostancii-suma-investicij-blizko-270-miljoniv-evro

Odesa Regional State Administration,
Published on June 25, 2018

The Odessa Regional State Administration signed a Memorandum of Cooperation between the Regional State Administration and companies in the field of wind power engineering “Ukraine Power Resources” and “Yuzhne Energy”. The document certifies cooperation in the field of implementation of projects for the construction of wind farms in Liman district. The total investment is about 270 million euros.

“Today, we signed a memorandum with two companies that work in the field of alternative energy. The American company plans to build an 120 MW wind power plant in the Odessa region, and a 72 MW Lithuanian power plant. This is a great power. We will provide maximum assistance to these companies. In addition to improving the energy security of our country and fulfilling our obligations to increase electricity production from renewable sources to the European Union, it is also a significant investment in the Odessa region, “said Maxim Stepanov, the head of the Odessa regional state administration.

Odessa Odinsky District Maxim Stepanov also noted that the implementation of the project on the construction of wind power plants should positively influence the development of local communities. In particular, lead to improvement of the infrastructure of the Liman district.

“Lithuania and Ukraine have been friends for many centuries, and today we have made another step towards cooperation. The approach of the Odessa regional administration and, in particular, its head Maxim Stepanov gives a sense of confidence as a result. We have planned construction of 19 wind turbines, which will produce electricity to a fairly large city – by about 150 thousand people about “, – said the head of” Yuzhne Energy “LLC Egidijus Simutis.

In turn, the wind power project “Ukraine Power Resources” in Liman district aims to install more than 26 wind turbines between the villages of Viszir and Lubopil.

“We are struck by both the resources that the Odessa region has and the warm reception. Our project, in particular, involves the creation of jobs. Consequently, during construction we expect to create about 100 new jobs, “said Peter Gish, President, CEO of Ukraine Power Resources.

It should be noted that according to the Energy Strategy of Ukraine, renewable energy sources should be used in the total electricity generation by 11% by 2020 and by 25% by 2035.

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