One of the Largest Biofuel Boiler-Houses in Ukraine About to Start in Odeschyna



Ukrainian Industrial Portal, by Vitaly Tsarev,
Published on January 25, 2018

In the city of Podolsk, the Odessa region, one of the boiler-houses, which will work on pellets, will be reconstructed

Now in the boiler house are installing new energy-saving boilers operating on pellets.The boiler house will be able to heat more than 1500 inhabitants in residential buildings and four objects of the budget sphere. Also, the local borderguard and the emergency medical service station are connected to the boiler house.

Transmits National Industrial Portal, With reference to Odesa Regional State Administration

In Podolsky there will be the largest biofuel boiler house in the region.Under new standards, it will work at the end of the current heating season.Today pellets are one of the best types of fuel.In addition to saving its use will reduce the amount of natural use for the needs of heat and power in the region, – said the director of the Department of Housing and Communal Services and Energy Efficiency Odesa Regional State Administration Anton Shaligailo.

Reconstruction of the boiler house is carried out at the expense of the private investor.The total thermal power of the boiler will be 8,5 Gcal / year, and the heating area – 87250,37 sq. M.The boiler house will be launched at the end of the current heating season.

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