Environmental Activists Warn Ukrainian Hydropower Project Will Adversely Affect Whole Ecosystem of the Nistru (Dneister) River


source: https://powerlinks.news/article/a6f620/ukrainian-hydropower-project-will-affect-whole-ecosystem-of-the-statements

Published on December 19, 2018

Environmental activists sound the alarm and warn the authorities that the building of the hydropower system on the Nistru will destroy the river in several decades. In a news conference at IPN, Alecu Reni????, president of the Ecologist Movement of Moldova, said the maintaining of the Nistru does not mean only drinking water, but also keeping of life in a basin of at least 72,000 square kilometers.

According to Alecu Reni????, if the hydropower project is implemented, the Nistru will lose all its natural characteristic and will be turned into a chain of cascades and in several decades will become a swamp. Amid climate change, when the sources of drinking water diminish, the value of the Nistru is even more important as there is no other source of drinking water in the region.

The leader of the Ecologist Movement of Moldova said the whole segment of 1,362 kilometers of the Nistru River should be managed in concert by Moldova and Ukraine, according to the standards set down in international conventions. Currently, the river is fragmented and each region exploits it according to the own interests, without taking into account the impact on the whole ecosystem.

Iuliana Cantaragiu, expert of the National Environmental Center, said a negative impact on the ecosystem of the Nistru has been witnessed during the last few years. The river pollution level has increased. Biodiversity is affected owing to the decline in the quantity of water and such a phenomenon is more evident in the lower Nistru, where the channels are practically dry. A number of species of fish disappeared and the natural environment of a number of species of birds was destroyed.

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