Brovary Aluminium Plant Received Award for the Best Ecological Enterprise of the Year in Kyiv Region at the International Ecological Forum – Plant Annually Produces More Than 4,000 Tons of Structural Elements for Solar Panels



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Published on December 19, 2018

Today, when our country is experiencing a process of European integration and feels an urgent need to conquer new markets, the success stories of a business that, in our difficult realities, not only goes international but also takes care of the environment, become more relevant than ever. This year, the Brovary Aluminium plant received the award for the Best Ecological Enterprise of the Year in Kiev Region at the International Ecological Forum. We want to tell you, what is the secret of the success of the company, which in the early 2000s was on the verge of bankruptcy, and now has received an “environmental Oscar”.

The aluminum profile manufacturing plant was founded in 1979. Plans to become the only enterprise on the territory of Ukraine that was supposed to export products to the Baltic countries, Europe and the CIS, unfortunately, did not materialize. In the 1990s-2000s, the company was in deep crisis. The plant, which in the twenty-first century was controlled by the old, Soviet methods, absolutely did not meet the requirements of time and economy, and the material base was not updated for decades. All this made products unprofitable; there was no question of new markets. The destruction in the production shops, the huge debts on the salaries of the workers, and in the end the bankruptcy of the enterprise, became the main features of that period. In fact, the plant was slowly dying, and to get out of the crisis it took modern, effective solutions that meet the challenges of the times.

A fundamentally new stage in the life and development of the company came in May 2011. The plant becomes part of the ALUMETA group of companies on the basis of which a new company, Brovary Aluminium Plant, was established, but the changes affected not only the names. Cardinal, anti-crisis steps were taken to create a modern enterprise that will produce products according to international standards. To achieve these goals, the plant attracted exclusively professionals in its industry. The composition of the top management was selected from European specialists, who more than anyone else knows the specifics and standards of the western market. Investments in new equipment allowed us to achieve the perfect product quality, which was recognized by all European countries.

It is worth noting that the restoration of this kind of enterprise is very risky, requiring tremendous experience, and not every team can do it: sometimes it is easier to tear things down to the ground than to modernize and rebuild a plant that was no longer good for anything.

After a complete modernization of the production by the group of companies ALUMETA and, thanks to successful management, the range of products is constantly increasing and already amounts to more than 12,000 names of aluminum profiles of various directions and configurations. Now the plant operates around the clock and successfully exports its products not only to Europe but also to the countries of the Middle East.

“The advantages of the plant are the continuous development and introduction of new technologies, the availability of highly qualified specialists with international experience and the use of modern equipment,” said Sergey Shapran, owner of the Brovary aluminum plant.

Every year, the Brovary aluminum plant produces more than 4,000 tons of structural elements for alternative energy sources – solar panels. Since the future belongs to the “green” technologies, such projects are embodied by the plant workers with great pleasure. The enterprise itself has repeatedly become the winner of tenders for participation in large-scale international projects in this area.The company management pays special attention to environmental standards: aluminum products meet Ukrainian, as well as international quality and safety standards, they are certified and comply with all REACH RoHs requirements.

As for the environment, a significant part of the products produced by the method of secondary remelting of aluminum scrap. By recycling secondary aluminum, the company gives this valuable resource a new life; there is no such practice in other Ukrainian aluminum enterprises. Also, the company has implemented the technology of slag processing, the plant successfully processes production wastes and significantly reduces the cost of production.

The Brovary Aluminium plant has successfully proved that concern for the environment is not only responsible but also beneficial. This is illustrated by the fact that other enterprises marked by EcoOskar – the classic giants of heavy industry, such as Zaporizhstal and enterprises of the DTEK group – had a much longer history and large financial resources. The example of an aluminium plant in Brovary proves that environmental and production innovations with a high level of management are not only possible to put into practice, they can become a hallmark of the plant and an integral part of its success story.

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