2.24-MW Solar Power Plant to Be Built in Nikolayev Region


source: http://uprom.info/en/news/energy/u-mikolayivskiy-oblasti-pobuduyut-sonyachnu-elektrostantsiyu-potuzhnistyu-2-24-mvt/

Ukrainian Industrial Portal, by Maxim Ovcharenko,
Published on February 1, 2018

Communal enterprise “Alten” of Voznesensky city council of Mykolaiv region on the results of the tender 15 in January ordered the construction of a solar power plant for 68 million UAH.

Tender won by LLC “Zhytlorembud-Nika”. Under the terms of the tender, the company will have to build a solar power plant with a capacity of 2,24 MW until September 2018 year on the street. Kiev, 283B. Also, the tender included the construction of a production building, the cleaning of the site from garbage, the arrangement of the energy facility, security systems, security lighting, road construction and external engineering networks, landscaping of the territory.

According to the agreement, the cost of the solar station – 67,999 thousand UAH, of which 44 544 thousand UAH – the cost of equipment (including taxes), 23 455 thousand UAH – the cost of construction works (also with taxes).

The warranty period for the whole object, solar panels, tables for their placement and fencing is 10 years, on inverters and transformer – 5 years.

1,57 million UAH or 2% of total contract value is allocated to salaries. On profit 0,5% is given – 357 thousand UAH.

The transaction price for 0,1% below the expected value of the purchase in 68,09 million UAH.

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